T&C’s 2020-2021

/T&C’s 2020-2021
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Membership is open to all subject to the following conditions. Payment of class fees is acceptance of these terms:

1.VBDance accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of personal belongings while on the premises.

2.VBDance accepts no liability for any injuries sustained whilst participating in a class or on the premises.

3. Personal Information Parents or guardians are responsible for ensuring the personal contact details and medical information of pupils is up to date by completing an online form available from VBDance

4.Staff All staff, including cover teachers (who may be brought in at short notice), are qualified, experienced and DBS checked. There is always a first aider on site.

5.Students must ensure they always get full permission from staff prior to leaving class. VBDance does not accept responsibility for students outside their booked class or workshop times.

6. Behaviour Racist, sexist, other offensive language and behaviour is not tolerated, and we reserve the right to terminate membership without notice, the final decision being undertaken by the Principal.

7.Please note that under no circumstances are pets allowed on school premises due to Health and Safety reasons.

8.Unifom Students who are fully enrolled into VBDance classes are expected to wear the correct uniform as listed at VBDance.com to all dance classes and have hair neatly and appropriately groomed. (Bun for Ballet and bun, pony tail, bunches, sausage plait or french plait for Modern and Tap). Please ensure all uniform is named.

9.Arrival and Collection Students must arrive and be collected promptly. This allows the group time to settle from the moment the class starts. Latecomers will have to wait until an appropriate time to join the class.

10.Absences If your child will be absent please notify the school office by email to admin@vbdance.com

11.Teachers must ensure that each child has left a session with an adult or older child (agreed in advance with parent/guardian). It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure the child is collected punctually at the end of the class or session.

12.VBDance does not provide drop-in classes for children and young people in any of its term time courses. All term time classes must be booked in advance. New students may join courses during the term subject to availability and authorisation of the Principal.  If there are no spaces in a requested class when booking, then VBDance will aim to provide an alternative option where possible. At VBDance we have policy of charging for our trial classes. One of the reasons for this is we wish to discourage those that take up valuable teaching time from our other students who are already registered by attending only whilst it’s free.

13.Waiting List Members on the waiting list will be contacted in order of the list. If members are unavailable, no message will be left. The next member will be contacted and the first to make contact will receive the place.

14. Priority Booking Period A priority booking period for current students will take place during the final month of the current term. Those wishing to continue should register during the priority booking period to secure their places in the next term’s courses. If any current students have not registered during this time, the space will automatically be offered to someone on the waiting list.


The only method for securing a space in class for the following term is to confirm you wish to make payment via Go Cardless for Monthly Direct Debit or if choosing to pay for the full term to ensure this has been settled by the due date on your invoice.

Direct Debit Payment

The first instalment will be payment for the first two months of term.

The following payments for the term will be taken on a monthly basis:

Example Monthly Fees Breakdown (Term fees based on 10 weeks) £70

September 1st Payment and October 1st Payment taken on Sep 1st = £35.00
November Payment taken on October 1st – £17.50
December Payment taken on November 1st – £17.50

For all current students, courses must be registered in advance. Payment can be made up until the last day of the previous term to guarantee the place. If payment for registered places is not received by this time and the VBDance office has not been contacted in advance, then the place will be offered to another student using the priority listed above.


Failure to make payment before term starts may result in no place being available and your name will be added to a waiting list. If you withdraw your child mid-term no refund will be given for fees paid. Fees are payable to secure the space in class for the entire term. In the event you withdraw a child mid-term and are on a monthly direct debit payment plan for the term, any remaining class fees for outstanding classes will be owed and a final statement will be raised for you to settle.

VBDance may (at their discretion) share data with debt collection agencies in order to re-coup any monies owed.

18. Occasionally some courses may be cancelled due to circumstances beyond VBDance’s control.

If a class does not take place due to circumstances beyond our control, VBDance will view this class as postponed and will reschedule to an alternative date and time. No refund will be given.

19. Localised lockdowns and pandemics

If VBDance cannot deliver classes due to force majeure or government directive, we shall implement online classes via video conferencing  software (zoom) as a replacement. No refunds will be offered.

If a child or household member is told to self-isolate by NHS Track and Trace (or equivalent service) or if the student is unwell and cannot take part, his will be classed as missed sessions and as per above no refund will be made. Payment of invoices is to secure a space in the class for the entire term. VBDance cannot offer a refund if you choose not to attend classes or withdraw your child mid-term.

COVID-19 Agreement
You understand and agree to keep you child/children  at home if they or someone in your household is displaying symptoms of coronavirus and/or they have been in contact with someone who has coronavirus or displaying symptoms of coronavirus. You will follow NHS self isolation guidance as appropriate.

21.Tactile Feedback

You understand and agree that teachers of VBDance may use tactile feedback* and instruction with students to support verbal feedback and instruction where appropriate. This is to ensure safe dance practice. *If social distancing is required, tactile feedback will not be used.

GDPR Compliance – Updated August 2020

How is your data used?

Security and safety is very important to us at VBDance. In line with General Data Protection Regulations we have updated our terms of service and how we use and process your data which you can read below.

Your personal data will be handled and processed sensitively by the school Principal and Administrative assistant.

Personal details are kept only for the purposes of running the school efficiently. Data will be kept secure at all times. We will only submit your information to a relevant third party in the event we have a safeguarding concern and/or we are required by government bodies, law enforcement agencies or NHS track and trace to do so and/or as stated in our terms and conditions.

The only other place your data is shared is on our fully compliant GDPR online software. When you enrol at the school we will ask you for your child’s full name, parent/guardian full name, email address, home address, mobile and emergency contact numbers, media consents and also if there is any medical information or other details regarding your child we should be aware of.

Your information will be obtained directly via e-mail communication and our encrypted online submission form, social media messaging (if you choose to contact us that way) VBDance website or phone call, but never through a third party.

Once enrolled at the school, our main point of contact is via email. However, we may phone you if necessary. We also have  Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter accounts  which you can contact us on and we will reply.

Text messages may be sent to you in the event of class alterations, cancellations, reminders or a last minute update. If your child participates in an after school dance club via VBDance, your child’s full name will be passed to the school at which the club operates in order to notify them your child will be attending.

Your information is stored on a fully GDPR compliant online platform which enables us to keep track of class schedules, attendance and invoicing. Once your information is logged on the software, it is shared with class teachers. This is for the purposes of tracking attendance and being able to contact parents in the event of an emergency. If at any point you and your child decide to leave VBDance we will delete any past e-mail communication and your information from the database.