GDPR Compliance Information for Pupils and Parents

How is your data used?

Security and safety is very important to us at VBDance. In line with the new General Data Protection Regulations we have updated our terms of service and how we use and process your data which you can read below.

Your personal data will be handled and processed sensitively by the school Principal and Administrative assistant.

Personal details are kept only for the purposes of running the school efficiently. Data will be kept secure at all times. We will only submit your information to a relevant third party in the event we have a safeguarding concern and/or we are required by government bodies or law enforcement agencies to do so. The only other place your data is shared is on our fully compliant GDPR online software.

When you enrol at the school we will ask you for your child’s full name, parent/guardian full name, email address, mobile and emergency contact numbers and also if there is any medical information or other details regarding your child we should be aware of.

Your information will be obtained directly via e-mail communication and our encrypted online submission form, Facebook messaging (if you choose to contact us that way) or phone call, but never through a third party.

Once enrolled at the school, our main point of contact is via email. However, we may phone you if necessary. We also have a Facebook page (VBDanceOfficial) which you can contact us on and we will reply. Text messages may be sent to you in the event of class alterations, cancellations, reminders or a last minute update. If your child participates in an after school dance club via VBDance, your child’s full name will be passed to the school at which the club operates in order to notify them your child will be attending.

Your information is stored on a fully GDPR compliant online platform which enables us to keep track of class schedules, attendance and invoicing. Once your information is logged on the software, it is shared with class teachers. This is for the purposes of tracking attendance and being able to contact parents in the event of an emergency. If at any point you and your child decide to leave VBDance we will delete any past e-mail communication and your information from the database.

In the event we need to pass your information on to any other relevant third parties such as the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in order to register and enter your child for their dance exams or to your local authority in order to process licensing for school productions, then  we will seek your permission separately and will only pass on your information if you have have given us your permission.

In the event you have completed an enquiry or registration form on the VBDance website, or sent us your personal details by other means and subsequently decide not to proceed with enrolling at the school, we will delete your details from our database at your request. If we do not hear any further communication from you and you have not enrolled at the school within 6 weeks of submitting your information via our enquiry forms, we will assume you  no longer wish to join the school and your information will be deleted from our GDPR compliant software.