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//My First Dance Class FAQs
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Please read below some useful information for children who are new to VBDance.

What should my child wear to a first class at VBDance?

Understandably, before you rush out and buy dance uniform you want to be sure that your child is comfortable and happy in class. During the first two classes your child may wear clothes which are comfortable to move in such as leggings, shorts or tracksuit bottoms and a t shirt or vest top. The girls may like to wear a dress or skirt to class for Ballet. Once your child is settled in class they will be expected to wear the school uniform and appropriate footwear.

What is the school uniform and where can I get it?

Our uniform is available to purchase online here  or from G Lois Dancewear, Cyprus Road, Burgess Hill. You can find out more via the VBDance website.

Can I watch VBDance classes?

We prefer parents and carers to wait outside the studio while class takes place. From experience, we feel there are fewer distractions for the pupils which leads to a productive and positive session. However, we are always pleased to invite parents to observe an ‘open class’ at the end of term to see what the children have learned. Several of our venues have windows between the doors so you can still see the lesson taking place.

Is there anything else my child should take with them to class?

We advise children to bring a water bottle with them to class as it is important to be kept well hydrated. Children who attend several classes on the same day should also be sent in with a small snack to keep up energy levels. Younger children may also bring a small cuddly toy with them to class as they may use them as props and to form an ‘audience’ in class too!

How are pupils with long hair expected to wear it?

We request that all children from Pre Primary upwards (Ballet) attend classes with hair neatly groomed into a bun. For all other genres, hair must be neat and off the face preferably in a bun or ponytail.

Anything else I need to know?

Please ensure you arrive to class in good time. Latecomers cause disruptions in lessons for other children. It can also be very unsettling for younger children who arrive late as they can feel ‘flustered’ and this can impact on their experience in class.

Parents and carers of children in the pre school classes are expected to remain on premises while classes take place. Please remind children to visit the bathroom before class so as to avoid disruption to a lesson.

Hopefully the information above covers some common questions. However, if you have any which are not addressed above, no matter how small, we are pleased to help so do email or call with any queries you may have.

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