Tap Dance Classes for Children

//Tap Dance Classes for Children
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Tap is a fantastic way to develop rhythm and coordination. Younger students discover how to perform basic steps and beats through rhythmical games, technical exercises and listening to each other perform. It is an exciting dance style offering a sense of immense satisfaction once steps have been mastered.

As the students progress, they learn how to link basic steps and beats to enable them to perform more detailed and complex rhythms with their feet more quickly. They learn more about performance style, musicality and presentation. Tap dance is a challenging dance style, but also, extremely rewarding.

Students are encouraged to take their ISTD Tap Examinations when they have reached the required standard.

Key Benefits of Tap Dance

  • Achieve ISTD Tap Grades

  • Helps children develop a sense of rhythm and coordination

  • Challenges children to develop their performance style, musicality and presentation