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Ballet is considered to be the core foundation for dance training and all children at VBDance are encouraged to take at least one Ballet class per week if they wish to take their dance training as a serious hobby. For our younger pupils starting Ballet classes, the sessions are fun and exciting employing the use of props, extra costumes, storytelling and mime. At this early age, the children learn very basic Ballet steps, positions of the feet and develop a sense of rhythm and timing.

As the pupils increase in their ability, they work their way through the Imperial Classical Ballet Grades learning more complex steps, positions and enchainments which demand a greater deal of strength, flexibility and coordination. A developed sense of performance and musicality is further encouraged to nurture a competent young dancer.

Key Benefits of Ballet

  • Improves balance, core strength and flexibility

  • Achieve Imperial Classical Ballet Grades

  • Helps children develop a sense of performance, musicality, rhythm and timing

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