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VBDance Code of Professional Conduct and Practice for Teachers

VBDance Teachers will…

  • carry out the professional work with due skill, care and proper regard for the technical and professional standards expected of him or her.
  • uphold and enhance the good standard and reputation of the profession.
  • work in a collaborative and co-operative manner with other dance professionals and organisations.
  • work in an open and co-operative manner with students and families.
  • ensure that students are not discriminated against on the grounds of sex, race, colour, religion, age, disability, national or social origin or other status.
  • assist professional colleagues, in the context of his or her own knowledge, experience and sphere of responsibility, to develop their professional competence.
  • undertake continuing professional development to ensure knowledge and practice remains current as required by his or her individual awarding body(ies) and/or employers.
  • ensure that no action or omission on his or her part, or within his or her sphere of responsibility, is detrimental to the interests or safety of students.
  • always act in such a manner as to promote and safeguard the interests and well-being of
  • students.
  • justify student trust and confidence.
  • behave with integrity in all professional and business relationships. Integrity implies not merely honesty but fair dealing, courtesy and consideration.
  • strive for objectivity in all professional and business judgements.
  • ensure that confidential information obtained in the course of his or her professional work should not be used for personal advantage or be disclosed without the consent of the pupil or parent, except where there is a legal right or duty to disclose.
  • abide by current data protection legislation.
  • ensure that classes are of a size appropriate to the levels and techniques being taught and the space being used. Students in each class should be of compatible age and/or standard.
  • be aware of developments in Child Protection legislation and undertake Disclosure and Barring Service checks as required
  • ensure that teaching facilities are adequately maintained and provide:
    •  suitable flooring appropriate to the technique taught, with a clean, safe surface; to minimise the risk of injury;adequate heating levels and ventilation;
    • suitable, secure and safe area for changing
  • abide by Health and Safety statutory  legislation requirements, understand his or her responsibility in case of a medical emergency and keep records in an accident book
  • ensure that all fire regulations are displayed and adhered to.


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