Secondary School can be an extremely exciting but a hectic time especially as exam season approaches! Your children spend years planning and working towards their GCSE’s, only for them to be over in a few short weeks and then, in the flash of an eye, they are onto their next chapter!

During this busy time, we understand it can feel tricky to juggle school, revision, and important exams alongside extra curricular activities. However, by following expert advice and years of first-hand experience, we have found the opposite to actually be true.

The benefits of exercise and dance on physical well-being are often more obvious than the emotional ones. We know the importance of maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and increasing muscle tone, but the various ways it can help with mental wellbeing are, arguably, of more significance.

These range from-

Ballet at VBDance

  • Reduced feelings of anxiety
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Strengthened memory

Everything listed above is critical when thinking of ways to deal with the pressures of exam season. So much so, that the NHS have an entire article on relieving exam stress (linked here) that lists exercise as a top tip to help cope with pressure and anxiety.

When approaching revision, experts often suggest shorter blocks of revision interspersed with periods of exercise and movement as more beneficial. It helps keep the mind focused and refreshed. Taking an hour out of the day to allow teenagers to sweat, stretch, refocus and catch up with friends in dance class, can be the best tonic to help prevent burnout and maintain a positive mental attitude, returning to revision feeling refreshed.

At VBDance we are always here to help support you and your child in whatever way we can, so, whilst we fully stand behind the benefits of dance during this time, we also understand that some lessons may be missed if there is an exam the next day or if extra revision is deemed necessary.

Please find below some different articles from top English Universities, explaining the benefits of exercise during exams in more depth-

…and finally huge good luck wishes to all VBDancers embarking on exams!