This Summer we said goodbye to 3 lovely VBDancers who are all about to embark on new adventures both travelling and to University in the UK and US. Alice, Phoebe and Francesca joined us in 2018/2019 and between them have studied Vocational levels with us including Advance 1 Ballet, Modern and Tap as well as performing in various events and shows and also with English Youth Ballet too. Phoebe and Alice have also volunteered and assisted for us over the years and have always been wonderful role models for the younger children. 

Not only that, but during Covid, these students put their faith in us and helped us to test out the tech required to enable us to port our studio classes to online via Zoom. Smiley faces at the end of Zoom, nothing was too much trouble while we figured out how on earth we would make our online studio work, tackled the challenges of syncing sound when tap dancing over zoom and we will always be very grateful for their positivity and energy while navigating this tricky time. 

Charis and Victoria have loved teaching you.  We cannot wait to hear all about your adventures and wish you all the very best for the future. 

Thank you for being such a joy to teach – you will always be a part of VBDance.