Gaining confidence with dance is not something that can be written in a textbook. There is no rule book to follow to become a good dancer. You can learn all the steps, you can put in the practice, but what really counts when you step on to that stage is how much your passion for dance shines through your performance. Dance can boost self-confidence, keep reading to find out how!

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion” -Martha Graham (dancer and choreographer)

It can be nerve wracking stepping on that stage, whether it’s the first time or the 100th. Every professional has gone blank at some point in their lives, but it is how you cope with it that counts, and not letting it knock you down is super important – we’re all human!

Passion and stage presence is something that cannot be taught; loving what you do is key. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, learn how to deal with it at the time and not to let it play on your mind so you can finish the performance, feel the music and just improvise your way through until you can pick it up. But while this is said, being confident in yourself and your ability makes this much easier, and having the correct discipline. Making sure you turn up to every lesson, dress rehearsal and performance. Signing up to recitals and shows so you have as much experience as you can.

There will be a few times throughout life that we will lose our confidence. Whether that be in ourselves, what we are doing or what we look like. Everyone on the planet will experience self-doubt in some form or another. The only thing you can control when feeling like this is how you deal with it. Staying positive, knowing that it will pass and speaking openly to others who can help you cushion that self-doubt, because often, other people believe in us more than we do in ourselves!

Dance is not only a great way of building self-confidence on stage, but it is also there in other parts of life when you lose that sparkle a little.

Remember the feeling you get, remember how everything in your mind just melts away. Concentrating on those steps, your frame, your lines, and that smile will take you away from any other issues for a while.

Science even proves our theories! – It boosts serotonin levels and gets rid of any excess energy to help you relax. It keeps your body and mind healthy.

We want to help all our students gain confidence in their dancing AND in themselves. Our shows are not just for us to show what our dance school produces, it is there to give you the experience of performing and for your audience to see what they already know you can do. Being a part of a team and a community that supports you, while being inspired by your fellow dancers, can build you up and boost confidence in many aspects of life.

Finishing a well-practiced performance on stage to family, friends and even strangers is one of the best feelings and a reward for all the hard work you all put in every week. We see first-hand, the transformation of each quiet, shy, little dancers entering the studio for the first time, blossom into a strong-minded, confident, positive, go-getter, purely from the experiences and opportunities that arise from being a part of our school.

We can’t wait to see our students perform in our show this term and see your confidence and passion shine through!


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