Vocational Dance ClassesFirst Fitting

  1. All fittings are carried out by appointment only and with recommendation of your dance teacher.
  2. Please allow 1 hour for your fitting.
  3. Before your appointment, please ensure you have clean feet and have short cut toenails. Your nails should not extend beyond the end of your toe.
  4. Attend the appointment wearing convertible tights and shorts or similar, so that your leg line can be seen. No baggy trousers or joggers.
  5. We will start by looking at your feet to establish shape, height of arch and your general alignment.
  6. We will talk through with you how the pointe shoes will feel on your feet, what your feet are doing inside the shoe and what you expect to feel when you go en pointe.
  7. NOTE – we do not have x-ray eyes, so your feedback on what you are feeling is crucial to help ensure the best fit for you.
  8. You may be recommended to carry out extra strengthening exercises to help your transition to pointe work.
  9. Pointe shoes are non-returnable/refundable unless there is a manufacturing defect.

Second Fitting and Beyond

  1. All the points from 1st fittings apply, although we do now know that your dance teacher has recommended you!!
  2. Always bring your current pair of pointe shoes that are now too small, dead or no longer fitting you for whatever reason.
  3. You now are more aware of the feel of your pointe shoes and what you like or don’t like about them and any problems you are having. Take time to discuss this with us.
  4. Be aware that you are quite likely to need a different brand or a different fitting from your previous shoes.
  5. If you are attending three pointe classes a week, or two classes a week on consecutive days, you should consider purchasing two pairs of pointe shoes at a time. We will discuss this with you. We are not trying to sell you more, but two pairs being used simultaneously will last you longer and be more cost effective.

Please contact Angela at Dancewear on the Move to make an appointment