VBDance Zoom Classes – Tips

//VBDance Zoom Classes – Tips

VBDance Zoom Classes – Tips

We have been so excited with the reception of our VBDance Online Studio Summer. Having completed the first half of the summer term, we just wanted to remind you of some simple steps to help navigate Zoom in the best way to ensure the safety of our students and teachers, whilst making sure we can all keep dancing!

Using Zoom-

  1. Use your child’s first and last name initial as their screen name- If at all possible, please make your child’s first name and last name initial is their screen name so we know who we are admitting into the session. If you cannot do this, please let us know what the screen name will be ahead of time as some teachers are not teaching their regular students and it helps them identify everyone when logging in.
  2. Make sure your Zoom App is up to date- Please make sure you have downloaded the most recent version of the Zoom App. This will hopefully help reduce technical errors and make things run as smoothly as possible.
  3. Turn on your camera– We will not admit entry to anyone with their own camera turned off as we need to see who is participating and it also helps us correct technique during the class.
  4. Angle camera correctly- Please check the angle of the camera before class starts. We ideally need to see the whole body including feet when they are standing still and try and show as much of the space as possible for exercises that travel more. If not, we are happy for the children to move their camera as necessary.
  5. No recording of screens- As part of our safeguarding policy we do not permit any recording of screens from either our end or yours to protect the privacy of everybody participating. However, we would love to receive photos of the children practising so that we can share them on our VBDance social media, so please pop over any images you are happy to share.
  6. Steps we are taking to keep classes secure- All sessions are password protected and you will find that password in the email you receive detailing information on the class. You will enter a waiting room when you first log into the meeting so we can admit people individually when we can verify who they are. We also disable the screen sharing and chat feature. 

Preparing for class-

  1. Uniform- Please make sure your child wears the correct uniform for their class if at all possible. It helps for us to be able to give appropriate corrections and allows them to feel ready and prepared for their dance class. If students have outgrown their regular uniform we are happy for children to wear either another leotard or tight fitting top until a replacement can be purchased.
  2. Hair- Hair needs to be neatly styled for all classes. For Ballet we require a neat ballet bun and for modern and tap either a bun or neatly styled ponytail.
  3. Chairs as Ballet Barres- For our Ballet classes (Grade 1 and above) you will need to find something that can be used as a ballet barre. We usually recommend a sturdy chair but you will want something that the child can rest their hand on that is about waist height and that won’t topple over if some weight is applied. Swivel chairs are not ideal as they sometimes roll away if too much pressure is applied and we recommend something that can support a little weight without moving.
  4. Right & Left- One thing that has cropped up a few times whilst teaching has been identifying right and left in the online classes- especially for some of our younger ones. If this is something you recognise your child is struggling with, feel free to use prompts to help them such as little signs that they can easily see or coloured markers on the floor to help identify the difference, or even placing a sticker on their hands or shoes.
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