VBDance Starter Sheet

//VBDance Starter Sheet

VBDance Starter Sheet

We want to start by welcoming you to VBDance! One of our main goals is to make dancing the most positive, rewarding experience for you and your child and there are a couple of easy things that we have detailed down below to help with that!

Arriving for Class

You will have been told which venue to attend when enquiring about classes. We would strongly recommend allowing enough time to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of class. Children inevitably need to go for a quick toilet run before they head into class and will also need to get dance shoes on/ take extra layers of clothing off, which can take some time. 

We do understand that things happen and sometimes people end up running late. If this happens, please make sure you get your child ready for class outside of the lesson, as leaving the teacher to get their shoes or doing it yourself inside the studio is a big distraction for the children dancing. Please also wait for the music to finish on an exercise before opening the door and sending your child in to minimise the disruption.


Once you have completed your trials then you will want to buy our uniform. Everything is listed on our website by genre and grade (https://vbdance.com/parents/uniform/), but please also feel free to pop us an email if you are unsure.

Our uniform can be bought from G Lois Dancewear 16A, Cyprus Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 8DX. We do also have a second-hand uniform shop that takes place at Birchwood Grove School, every Friday, starting straight after school until 4.30pm. Obviously, it depends on what has been donated as to whether we will have what is needed, but it is always worth popping along to see if we have anything suitable.

Please make sure correct uniform is worn to each lesson and that it is worn properly (cardigans tied up, correct socks with tap shoes etc.). It is important to name everything as I am sure you can imagine the impossible task of differentiating between 10 identical cardigans if they are not named! 

When it comes to hair for ballet classes, we require a ballet bun for the hair from Reception aged children up, but if your child is in Pre School Ballet, feel free to give the ballet bun a go (especially if hair is long). We have a video on youtube which gives a step by step of the perfect ballet bun so I would definitely recommend giving that a watch if you are unsure. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1rz32zUbS8)

For Modern and Tap a bun or ponytail or acceptable. However, please make sure hair is neat and kept off the child’s face so that it is not a distraction throughout the lesson.

Hopefully you will have found this sheet helpful as we really believe informed parents and guardians always feel more confident and happy in the long run. We are always here to answer queries and are so happy you have chosen to be a part of the VBDance family!

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