Hair & Make Up – VBDance Presents Dance Fever

//Hair & Make Up – VBDance Presents Dance Fever

Hair & Make Up – VBDance Presents Dance Fever

Hair and Make-Up
We know that hair and make-up for a show can be a little intimidating if you have never done it before. We are hoping this page will be your go-to for information and tips on how to create the perfect show look for the dress rehearsal and performances this year.

When a child is on stage under bright lights, their features become washed out and less noticeable. We use make-up to highlight their face and add colour back in to keep them looking healthy whilst performing.

You will need-

  • Foundation
  • Pink Blusher
  • Blue Eyeshadow
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Red Lipstick
  • Black Mascara- Optional
  • Applicators (Brushes, sponge, foam tip applicator etc.)


Step-by-step Guide

  1. Apply an even layer of foundation over the face and blend down the neck.
  2. Using a foam tip applicator or eyeshadow brush, apply blue eyeshadow over the lid.
  3. Apply a thin line of black eyeliner along the lash line and flick out slightly at the corners.
  4. Optional application of black mascara to lashes.
  5. Dust a light layer of blusher onto the apples of the cheek.
  6. Please do not apply red lipstick beforehand. Children and red lipstick are a tricky pairing at the best of times, so we will apply the lipstick ourselves before the dress rehearsal and show.


All make-up can now be found for a very reasonable price in Boots or Superdrug, but I would suggest trying the testers for blusher, eyeshadow and lipstick on the back of your hand to make sure they have enough pigment to show up on the skin and are the right shade.

Dancers are expected to arrive at the dress rehearsal and shows with their make-up already done. All products should be named and bought with them to the theatre in a named make-up bag so that we can top up where needed. I am sure you can imagine keeping hundreds of similar products with the correct owner is impossible without being named.

For our Pre-School and Reception parents and guardians, we want to reassure you that whilst we know a lot of kids love wearing make-up, we are happy for you to use your discretion as to whether you would like them to wear make-up and, if so, how much.

Children will be expected to wear their hair in a neat ballet bun (with no hair doughnuts added). Not only does this look professional, but it keeps the hair out of their faces during their dances.

You will need-

  • Hair Bands
  • Hair Grips
  • Hair Pins
  • Bun Net (Hair Net if the hair is very long/thick)
  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Hair Gel & Spray

Please note the difference between hair grips and hair pins and that you should use/bring both. They should match your child’s hair as closely as possible so please do not bring black pins if your child is blonde. The pins should also be longer and more sturdy if your daughter has thick, heavy hair and shorter if your child has thinner, light hair. Again, these should all be available from Boots and Superdrug or any chemist.


We have a video tutorial on YouTube that we have linked here- Ballet Bun Tutorial 

Please note that we added a bow at the end of the video but all buns for the show should be completely plain with no scrunchies or accessories.

It may be worth having a little practice in the weeks leading up to the show as I realise it can be a little daunting when you do stage hair and make-up for the first time. If you want to check whether you are doing it right, feel free to wear the ballet bun to lessons and we will say whether you are on the right track, or, alternatively pop a photo over to us on FB messenger and will we will give any tips.

Good luck!

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