Benefits of Pre School Ballet and Dance Classes

//Benefits of Pre School Ballet and Dance Classes

Benefits of Pre School Ballet and Dance Classes

At VBDance we are proud of our thriving and very popular timetable of Ballet classes in Burgess Hill and Cuckfield for Pre School age children with over 70 ‘little ones’ dancing through our doors each week. Being a mother myself  to a 3 year old and 6 month old  I feel passionately that as well as helping a child to build solid technical foundations which will pave the way for a fabulous start to their journey of learning to dance,  our classes must also contribute to a young child’s emotional and social development too. Read our article below to find out how we do this.

Victoria Bremner
Principal – VBDance

Benefits of Pre School Dance
Dancing has long been recognised as a beneficial activity for children to participate in. These benefits can be experienced from a young age, before children even start school and can range from an improvement in physical to emotional development and social skills.

Physical Benefits of Dance
From the introduction of various different dance inspired fitness classes (Zumba, Barre Core etc), it is quite apparent that dancing is seen as a fantastic way to maintain and improve fitness levels. Focusing on youngsters in particular, dancing nurtures co-ordination and the development of gross and fine motor skills. Encouraging the use of fingers and toes alongside whole body movements, allows children to gain greater control over their bodies. Other things that we work on at VBDance in each lesson are balance, strength, flexibility and stamina. At VBDance we ensure classes are taught at a pace appropriate for younger children which enables them to thrive and improve each week.

Emotional Benefits of Dance
The emotional benefits of Pre School dance cover a large spectrum. Moving to music and being immersed in different stories and imagery each week allows the children’s’ minds to develop and encourages creativity. It also teaches children from a young age the importance of staying active and moving their bodies. In an age where we worry about children being stuck behind screens and leading sedentary lifestyles, engaging in an activity that has such well-rounded benefits is extremely important. Lastly, participating in such a positive class where they are encouraged to challenge themselves and try and achieve things that they haven’t done before, helps build more determined, confident and focused children with skills they can apply across all aspects of their lives as they mature.

Social Benefits of Dance
Learning to engage with different adults and be around a group of children helps them learn how to communicate effectively with one another. It teaches patience and learning to wait their turn, teamwork and trust, whilst also being a positive place to meet new friends and build on self esteem too. It really is true when you hear that life-long friendships are formed in dance classes! Overall, Pre School Dance is a wonderful activity for both boys and girls to participate in and has benefits that can set them up to thrive in many different areas of their lives.

If you are interested in having your child participate in one of our Pre School Ballet classes at VBDance  then please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

VBDance is proud to be a ‘Dance School of The Year Finalist’ 2017 & 2018

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Victoria’s passion for performing and teaching inspired her to open a professional dance schools in London & West Sussex with a Modern and Contemporary style which is accessible for children and young people of today.